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Interactive Shopping Experience

Eyefeelit specializes with creating unforgettable innovative customer experience
Our goal is to enable physical stores to stay current and relevant in the digital world by creating a Unique and high-end interactive shopping experience
The advanced platform we developed will help retail chains integrate into the emerging online world and connect e-commerce to the Physical Stores

Our added value

Cost Savings , Boost Sales & Exciting Shopping Experience

Eyefeelit allows Brick and Mortar Stores to present a wide range of products and
at the same time significantly reduce their physical area without harming revenue and moreover even increase it
by significantly improving the user experience and conversion rate

Our solution


We provide a total solution, custom-sized interactive screens with the most relevant content for the customer audience
designed to allow the customer to get all the information needed to make a decision, compare products, be impressed by the life-size product
see it in different shades and angles and complete the in-store purchase process with the help and guidance of the salesperson

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