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We create mind blowing interactive experiences on screens of all sizes which your customers will absolutely love.

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Eyefeelit specializes with creating unforgettable innovative customer experience.

Our goal is to enable physical stores to stay current and relevant in the digital world by creating a Unique and high-end interactive shopping experience.

The advanced platform we developed will help retail chains integrate into the emerging online world and connect e-commerce to the sales floor

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Take your retail experiencence to the next level

Eyefeelit allows Brick and Mortar Stores to continue present a wide range of products and at the same time significantly reduce their physical area without harming revenue and moreover even increase it by significantly improving the user experience and conversion rate.

We provide a total solution – one stop shop, custom-sized interactive screens with the most relevant content for the customer audience, designed to allow the customer to get all the information needed to make a decision, compare products, be impressed by the life-size product, see it in different shades and angles and complete the in-store purchase process with the help and guidance of the salesperson

With the help of our platform, analyzing customer behavior in your store has never been easier. Our platform provides real-time insights into what customers are looking at in your store, allowing you to optimize product displays and increase sales. The platform presents this information in a simple and user-friendly dashboard, full of insights that will help you make informed decisions about your product placement and store layout. With our platform, you will have all the tools you need to make data-driven decisions and achieve success in your store.

Our interactive screens provide a powerful tool to maximize display space and create a more engaging shopping experience for customers. These screens allow you to showcase products in an interactive and dynamic way, drawing attention to key items and increasing the visibility of your merchandise. They also provide an opportunity to incorporate digital signage and other multimedia elements into your store, adding an extra layer of excitement and interest for customers. With the help of our interactive screens, you can make the most of your display space and create an immersive shopping environment that enhances the customer experience and drives sales for your business.

The process


Based on your business goals we start by creating a strategy which suits your needs.


We install & connect all the displays in your locations to make sure everything runs smoothly.


We create the most beautiful content that best fits your brand to create the best experience for your business.


We monitor and update your experiences daily so that everything is up to date and you can focus on your business

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Interactive Dressing Room

Step into the future of fashion with our interactive dressing room displayed in a hologram box, where a simple touch transforms outfits, showcasing each variation in realistic detail. This technology revolutionizes the way you explore fashion, providing a personalized and visually stunning shopping experience.

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